Work undertaken by ADB's Central and West Asia Department (CWRD) highlighted a number of deficiencies preventing effective implementation of environmental safeguards. Foremost among the challenges is insufficient capacity in executing agencies to prepare, implement, and monitor the implementation of EMPs.

The technical assistance will address the lack of robust evidence on the options and costs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation) and reduce the negative effects of climate change (adaptation) in Central and West Asia. This project will identify priority investments for climate resilience and low-carbon development.

Development Program (UNDP) to provide preparatory assistance in designing a Project for developing the IWRM and Water Use Efficiency Plan (the Project) for Uzbekistan. As a result of extensive input, the focus of the Project at the national level the will be directed to development of a modern legislative basis for the water sector. IWRM and water use efficiency planning will take place within a single river basin, the Zarafshan, on a pilot basis where successful results can be scaled up to the national level during a possible second phase of the Project.