NBT conducted an Inception Workshop in the frame of South Karakalpakstan Water Recourses Management Improvement Project "SKWRMIP", on 17 February of 2017 (funded by the World Bank).

The Project goals, objectives and main components were briefly presented at the Workshop.
The role of M&E Consultant in the effective implementation of the project also has been explained. Particular attention was paid to the implementation of safeguard measures (social and environmental) during construction and evaluation of the impact of the Project as a whole.

The Workshop was attended by over 60 representatives of the agencies which are involved in the project: district administrations, water management organizations, regional offices of Giprozemkadastr (Cadaster of Land Recourses), Water Associations, Environmental Protection Committees, Rural committees and farmers.
During the Workshop, agreements were reached on cooperation between the M&E Consultant and all stakeholders.


10-years anniversary