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Today was the first day of a five-day training seminar on the topic “Professional development of employees working in the areas of environmental control, expertise and design”, organized by the Ministry of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Climate Change of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The event was attended by senior officials of the Ministry of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Climate Change, as well as representatives of public associations and experts from the private sector.
The main objective of the event is to improve the quality of professional training of employees in the field of ecology by providing advanced international knowledge and sharing of experience by experts.
Managing Director of Nazar Business and Technology, LLC – NBT, Madina Kholmirzaeva (Madina Khalmirzaeva), spoke on the topic “Environmental and Social Impact Assessment”, and about the requirements and recommendations of the World Bank (World Bank), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and international financial institutions.
Today, the topics regarding the inclusion of green growth indicators in urban development and management, the consideration of international standards, norms and requirements, as well as issues of biodiversity protection were also discussed.


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