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Social research plays a key role in the analysis, understanding and explanation of various aspects of social life. They help uncover trends, understand social dynamics, and provide critical information for policy and decision making. Here is how social research affects our society:

1. Understanding Social Processes: Social research allows you to study a variety of processes in society, such as demographic change, social mobility, cultural change, family dynamics, and more. These studies help identify trends that may influence the future of our society.

2. Lifestyle and Behavior Assessment: Studies of the behavioral and style aspects of society help to understand what factors influence people’s choices and habits. They analyze consumer preferences, education level, technology use and other aspects that help businesses and organizations better adapt to customer needs.

3. Social Equity and Inclusion: Research on social equity and inclusion draws attention to inequalities in society such as racial, gender and social discrimination. They help to identify problems and identify ways to create a more just and inclusive society.
4. Evaluation of Public Programs and Policies: Social research plays an important role in evaluating the effectiveness of public programs and policies. They help determine which programs are truly making a positive difference in people’s lives and which may need tweaking.

5. Activating Civic Participation: Research can stimulate civic participation by identifying the needs and interests of society. They can serve as a basis for creating movements, actions and initiatives aimed at changes in society.

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As we begin the year 2024, we are delighted to share that on January 10, 2024, the management and experts […]

NBT is actively conducting research, based on the results of scientific socio-economic studies under the World Bank “South Karakalpakstan Water […]

NBT is taking part in the 32nd Annual Meeting and Business Forum of the EBRD, which takes place from May […]

Today, May 17, is the second day of the 32nd Annual Meeting and Business Forum of the European Bank for […]

NBT continues to actively participate in the 32nd Annual Meeting and Business Forum of the EBRD. As a part of […]

As part of the project for the construction of a solar photoelectric power plant by Voltalia France – 100 MW […]

On May 24, 2023, NBT, with the support of the USAID Regional Water and Environment Project, organized an inception workshop […]

Within the framework of the Asian Development Bank project, NBT launched a pilot project on “Intensification of Horticulture and Increase […]

On May 30, 2023, NBT held a meeting, as part of the project “Development of a methodology for conducting environmental […]

Nazar Business and Technology experts conducted a training for the final stage of the “Socio-Economic Survey” as part of the […]

The Government of Uzbekistan pays great attention to the development of “Green Energy”. One of the priority tasks is the […]

NBT team took part in the Mission of the World Bank, within the framework of the “South Karakalpakstan Water Recourses […]

Today was the first day of a five-day training seminar on the topic “Professional development of employees working in the […]

Today was the final, fifth day of the training seminar under the auspices of the Ministry of Ecology, Environmental Protection […]

As part of the implementation of the investment project and compliance with the environmental legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, […]

As part of the ADB Namangan WWTP project, the NBT team, together with our international partner CEVRE INDUSTRIAL ANALYSIS LABOROTORY, […]

On June 18-19, a group of NBT experts together with HPBS conducted a two-day training on the subject of “Calculation, […]

NBT experts conducted an audit and monitoring on environmental and social issues at the construction project of the Nur-Bukhara Solar […]

Within the framework of the “South Karakalpakstan Water Resources Management Improvement Project”, a number of canals are under reconstruction and […]

NBT conducted a series of trips to the Syrdarya and Jizzakh regions within the framework of the ADB Rural Roads […]

NBT implemented the first installation of 5 Sentry™ bio-electrochemical sensors at sewage treatment plants in the Namangan region, within the […]


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