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Technology Transforming Business: Innovation for Success

The modern business world cannot be imagined without the active use of advanced technologies. The development of information and communication technologies (ICT) has led to a revolution in the field of entrepreneurship, making business more efficient, flexible and accessible. Here are a few areas where technology is revolutionizing the business world:

1. Technical and software support for sociological and economic surveys, processing and analysis of their results


Organization and maintenance of WEB/CAPI/CATI turn-key surveys – from questionnaire preparation to preparation of report with analysis of results, output tables and maps. Development of web-based dashboards to monitor interviewers’ field performance and survey progress.


2. Training and Information Technology Transfer 


Organization and conduct of online/offline training on data analysis and GIS systems. Development of multimedia materials for training.


3. Geographical Information Systems (GIS):


• Collection of cartographic data on site, georeferencing and digitization into GIS format.
• Spatiotemporal analysis of remote sensing data.
• Development of custom desktop GIS software.
• Training in the use of GIS in the field of agriculture, water management, environment, etc.


4. Technical Assistance / Program Management 


Ensuring the health and security of information systems of the company (data storage system, mail server, IP-telephony, web application server and databases). Development of software for automation of company’s work processes.


5. Management Information Systems (MIS) 


Development of software and databases aimed at implementing organizational and technological methods and tools that support project management and help improve implementation.


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