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Nazar Business and Technology experts conducted a training for the final stage of the “Socio-Economic Survey” as part of the implementation of the investment project, “The South Karakalpakstan Water Management Improvement Project”, funded by the World Bank.
As part of the study, it is planned to conduct a survey of 800 respondents in four districts of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. Of these, 50% are farms, and the rest are private households. It is worth noting that the project was implemented in Beruniy, Turtkul and Ellikkala districts, and the fourth district, Kegeyli, was selected for comparative analysis of the study results. The trip included meetings with stakeholders, namely cluster leaders and irrigation system and farm specialists from the district administration. During these meetings, data were gathered on harvest conditions, irrigation systems, and farmer activities in four districts for the preparation of the final report on the World Bank project, “The South Karakalpakstan Water Management Improvement Project”.


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