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A Model for Assessing the Impact of Wastewater Discharged into the Syrdarya River at Namanagan WWTP.
In recent years, water resource conservation and efficient usage have garnered global attention. Alongside preventing water scarcity and adapting to such conditions, priority is given to assessing the impact of human activities on water bodies, including rivers, to ensure water security.
In the reconstruction project of a wastewater treatment plant in the Namangan region with the Asian Development Bank, “Nazar Business and Technology” LLC specialists research the impact of treated wastewater discharged into the Syrdarya River.
Based on the research findings, a model for assessing the impact of wastewater on the Syrdarya River will be developed. It will help to select optimal technologies to ensure the river’s safety during the reconstruction and modernization of the wastewater treatment plant in Namangan.

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