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The Third Tashkent International Investment Forum (TIIF) was held on May 2 and 3, and it brought together more than 2,500 delegates and representatives from 84 countries around the world. The attendees included government officials, corporate leaders, and representatives from international organizations such as the UN, EBRD, OPEC, and SCO.
The event began with a speech by the President, and was followed by a series of discussion sessions and round tables. These sessions aimed to exchange ideas and plans to improve Uzbekistan’s success in attracting foreign direct investments. The forum also included a review of promising investment opportunities in energy, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism, mining, and the digital economy.
Representatives of NBT actively participated in the panel sessions dedicated to “Water resources management: the role of the government, business and society”, “Investing in green energy: creating a sustainable future”, “Natural capital: the role of investments in the ecological development of the region” and “ESG: new approaches to sustainable investment and business”.
The TIIF provided a platform to showcase Uzbekistan’s economic potential, facilitate agreements, and network.


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